Writer-Director of New Vegetarian Documentary Used to Make Fun of Vegetarians

Writer and director Marisa Miller-Wolfson just finished wrapping up her vegetarian documentary, beautifully named “Vegucated.” I’m dying to see it and I was thrilled to see the interview with her on today’s BlissTree.com post.

Vegucated has a great premise:

It follows three meat-loving New Yorkers as they try to eat vegan for six weeks. The movie doesn’t preach or shame, it just lets the message unfold organically. If you get a chance to see it, do. I’m hoping it’ll be released near us, because I’ve heard a lot of talk about it.

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In the interview, Wolfson explains that she became a vegetarian in 2002, after seeing an old documentary on factory farming called “We Are All Noah.” The realities of factory farming convinced her to become a vegetarian on the spot. She became a vegan a few months later, but just as instantly. It was after she read some literature on dairy and egg production.

I read it about three months later–I was on a plane, and I grabbed the literature to read on the plane–and by the time I landed, I was vegan. I was like ‘Oh my gosh, I want nothing to do with this either. And, by the way, I can be healthier without that stuff.’ So that was kind of an epiphany.”

When asked about her admission that she used to make fun of her vegan and vegetarian friends, Wolfson had this to say:

I think back then I was defensive. I think I knew, deep down somewhere on a subconscious level, that I really shouldn’t be eating animals. So instead of dealing with that, I would hurl jokes or slurs at vegetarians.”

Now that woman who made fun of vegetarians is releasing a documentary that she hopes will help bring veganism to the mainstream.

Generally, the tipping point for a social idea that’s considered, you know, alternative or strange to become mainstream is when around 10% of the population really holding fast to that idea. That’s when it starts to spread like wildfire. And then that becomes the tipping point.”

I’m anxious to see the film and if you’ve seen it or catch it soon, please let me know what you think!

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  1. Jenny Sangler October 23, 2012 at 3:57 am #

    What do you think about “Vegucated”? Are you going to see the film? Please share us your thoughts by posting your comments below.

    – Jenny Sangler

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