What Vegetarians Need to Know About Two Dangerous New GMOs

If you haven’t already gone organic or at least mostly organic, you might want to make it a goal for the new year after reading a new article from OrganicGardening.com. It’s important news for anyone interested in their health, but may be especially relevant for vegetarians.

I’ve been steadily moving toward an all-organic diet, although I admit that it is hard to go 100% organic on everything.

I grow a lot of our fruits, vegetables and herbs, what I don’t grow I buy from local organic orchards and farmers I stock up on organic staples when they are on sale.


Like most vegetarians, I use a lot of soy and corn products. From soy milk to corn tortillas, tofu to corn bread, we enjoy quite a few of the foods made from these two staples and our vegetarian diets would be more difficult without some of them.

However, the OrganicGradening.com article reveals that the latest soy and corn GMOs (genetically modified organisms) will likely increase the pesticide level of those foods by as much as 100%

100%, folks. And thats not all.

The soy GMO (seed) was developed by none other than Monsanto, the company that makes Round Up herbicide.  What’s so “great” about this new soybean? It’s resistant to…..Round Up!

The GMOs in question are a new soy strain called  RoundUp Ready2Extend and a new corn developed by Dow, which also makes herbicides and pesticides. Their new corn is resistant to one of their products, 2,4-D.  Isn’t that awesome?

As experts explain it, GMOs that are resistant to these two chemicals (the most widely used) are going to make the use of those chemicals even more widespread and even more intense than they already are.

Last year, veteran weed scientist David Mortensen, Ph.D., weed ecologist at Penn State University, crunched the numbers and found that commercial introduction of crops genetically engineered to withstand dicamba (Round Up) and 2,4-D will likely lead to an increase of 60 to 100 percent in the amount of herbicides used, adding millions of pounds of toxic pesticides into the food chain and environment.”

Yes, I know that a lot of the soy and corn products we like to use are pretty expensive in their organic versions, but when you consider how much of them we vegetarians eat, you have to ask yourself how much Round-Up you’re willing to drink.

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