Washington Post Food Editor Goes Vegetarian

I always enjoy hearing about well-known people who adopt the vegetarian lifestyle, especially if they’re well-known for their work with food. This weekend, on Boston’s NPR radio station, WBUR, Washington Post food editor Joe Yonan “came out” as a vegetarian and they’ve posted part of their interview with him on their website. It’s a great article and a lot of fun to read.

Yonan explained to the interviewer that he was eating so much meat on the job that he started eating less and less of it on his own time.


His switch to a vegetarian diet was a gradual one, and his evolved along with his diet.

It was partly health, probably initially health-driven, and then certainly a sense of environmentalism a bit, too,” Yonan says. “But I really didn’t set out to tell other people what they should or shouldn’t do.”

Yonan follows fellow food journalist Mark Bittman into the public vegetarian arena. Bittman, a food columnist for the New York Times, decided a few years ago to eat a vegan diet all day until six o’clock at night because of his doctor’s concerns over his diet. Now he has a cookbook out, called “VB6”.

The meals that we food people get into can sometimes be way over-the-top of the kinds of things that normal people eat,” Yonan says.

Yonan says that he’s gotten pretty favorable feedback from the public since his “coming out” and adds that the only real negative feedback is from vegans who gently suggest he hasn’t taken his diet far enough.

I think it’s terrific that more professional foodies are switching to a vegetarian or vegan diet.

They’re in a great position to bring the diet’s benefits and foundations to a wide circle of people who might not otherwise read or listen to any “propaganda” on vegetarian eating.

Besides, they know where all the really good vegetarian restaurants are and they get paid to tell us.

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