Robin Quivers Beats Cancer with a Vegan Diet

Howard Stern’s longtime co-host Robin Quivers is all over the headlines this week after going public with her battle against what was though to be terminal cancer and sharing how she beat that cancer in large part by converting to a vegan diet.

There’s an excellent story on Quivers’ cancer victory, her vegan diet and her wondereful-sounding new cookbook, “The Vegucation of Robin“, on the LATimes website today and it’s such an uplifting and encouraging story of strength and the power of clean eating, especially eating a plant-based diet.

Last year, Quivers had surgery to remove a tumor from her pelvic and underwent chemotherapy to treat a large tumor on her bladder.

The prognosis was not good. But her doctors are now declaring her cancer-free and she gives vegan eating much of the credit for that miracle.


Her new cookbook was actually written before she found out she had cancer. As Quivers relates, the book chronicles her journey from unhealthy eating and poor health to a life of clean eating and veganism. I like how transparent and real she is about making that transition. As the LATimes reports,

I was adrift,” she recalled feeling after she made the commitment to veganism, and a slight pang of panic: “Okay, what vegetables are there?”

But transition she did and her new cookbook shares 90 of the recipes that she says have helped turn her life around and may even have saved her life.

The cookbook sounds wonderful and looks beautiful and there are several recipes listed that I’d like to try.

But more importantly, I think this book is a great way for Quivers to celebrate her gift of survival and perhaps help others to turn their diets around before they have a serious health crisis.

The power of nutrition is just now being praised by mainstream media and the medical world. Stories like Robin’s and books like this one can only help to inspire and “vegucate” many others who, like Robin, were raised on an unhealthy, “typical” American diet.

I’m thrilled for her and her victory over cancer!

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3 Responses to Robin Quivers Beats Cancer with a Vegan Diet

  1. Jenny Sangler September 10, 2013 at 4:32 am #

    What do you think about Robin Quivers’ cancer victory? Are you inspired with her story? Please post your comments below.

    – Jenny Sangler

  2. Shellie September 10, 2013 at 9:43 am #

    As a big fan of Howard and Robin I remember when she became a vegan. She was a vegan quite some time before she was diagnosed. She followed Dr. Roni DeLuz’s book ’21 Pounds in 21 Days’. She was into colon cleansing and detox. This started around 5 years ago. I hope being vegan and possibly staying away from the other things she was doing helped cure her.

    Her book was ready to be released some time ago, and she was scheduled to be on a few shows with it, but it was postponed until Oct. which led her fans (no one ever said what was wrong with her) to think the worst. I’m very thankful she’s okay as I’ve been a follower of theirs since Howard first came on the air in NY…

    This was from 2009.

    • Jenny Sangler September 11, 2013 at 1:50 am #

      Hi Shellie – Thanks for the comments! Appreciate it!

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