A Look at the New Vegan and Vegetarian Food Pyramid

I’ve always been a huge fan of Oldways.com, from the non-profit organization in Boston that educates people about whole, organic foods and traditionally healthy ways of eating. In fact, Oldways.com was a huge help to me when we first started eating a vegetarian diet and again when we started growing our own fruits and vegetables. Now, as shared by vegetarian writer Ellen Kanner (The Edgy Veggie) on HuffingtonPost.com, Oldways has released their new new food pyramid for vegetarians and vegans.

Oldways president Sara Baer-Sinnott says

It’s beautifully illustrated, and one of the most astonishing things to me is if you put your finger over the top” (the smallest part of the traingle is their suggestions for dairy and egg intake),”it’s vegan. In the past, we didn’t really account for vegans.”


She goes on to say,

Personally, I love cheese. But here, there’s not much difference between vegetarian and vegan.”

The vegetarian/vegan food pyramid is set up much like the one we used to have before the USDA replaced the food pyramid with the new MyPlate recommendations, with the foods to be eaten most at the bottom, or widest part of the pyramid. Those are fruits and vegetables. The rest of the pyramid is composed of beans and soy products, whole grains, nuts and seeds and plant-based oils.

What I love about the pyramid is that it’s a great reference both for new vegetarians or vegans and for those who have been eating this way for a while but need to make sure they’re eating enough of the right foods for a balanced, healthy diet. And it makes it easy.

Baer-Sinnott explains,

People may think it’s a lot more complicated. We’re trying to provide tools to make them feel more confident and show the foods are exciting and delicious.”

If you know someone who is just starting out with the vegetarian or vegan diet, this is a great resource to share with them. Oldways.com is a reputable organization that has done an awful lot to further the cause of returning to whole, healthy foods and the movement towards truly enjoying good food that’s good for you. I really appreciate that they’ve created this new food pyramid for vegetarians and vegans and the reasons why they did.

As Baer-Sinnott put it, “There are so many reasons why people choose vegetarian and vegan eating. They’re all good reasons.”


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    What do you think about the new vegan and vegetarian food pyramid? Please share your thoughts below.

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