It’s the Meat-Eaters Who are Asking for More Vegetarian Options

It’s another one of those things that makes you say, “Huh, makes sense.”

You’d think that the rise in vegetarian and vegan eating would result in more vegetarian options and more vegan and vegetarian friendly menus, but a story this weekend in the Columbus, OH paper, Columbus Alive, says it’s the carnivores who are bringing about change.

The story, “Meat eaters lead Rise in vegetarian options“, quotes several area restaurant owners as saying that it’s the meat-eating clients who are asking for more vegetarian fare. Some of those restaurant owners run vegan or vegetarian spots and they also say that the majority of their customers aren’t vegetarians, just meat-eaters looking for a healthier meal.

Jennie Scheinbach is the owner of the all-vegan bakery, Pattycake Bakery and she says that it’s the non-vegetarians who are keeping her business going.

If we were just catering to vegans we would have closed long ago,” she said.

And points out that most of her customers are omnivores looking seeking out great-tasting, but healthy, treats.


In the article, meat-eating diners point out that Meatless Mondays and other trends aside, they sometimes eat vegetarian and vegan fare because they’re worried about the safety and quality of the meat being served at restaurants.

If it’s a really nice restaurant, I find the vegetarian meals are a little more creative,” says 33-year old Christine Rinehart.“If it’s an average, middle of the road restaurant, sometimes I feel safer choosing a vegetarian option — and I’m not talking about a bad restaurant or a dirty restaurant.”

For whatever reason, meat-eaters are asking for, and getting, more vegetarian choices in popular restaurants and also helping to support vegetarian and vegan establishments.

Ironic that omnivores are making vegetarian dining easier and more fun for all of us, isn’t it? Thanks, guys.

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3 Responses to It’s the Meat-Eaters Who are Asking for More Vegetarian Options

  1. Jenny Sangler January 3, 2013 at 2:33 am #

    Are you surprised that meat-eaters are asking for more vegetarian options? Please post your comments below. We’d love to hear from you.

    – Jenny Sangler

  2. Beryl January 5, 2013 at 3:24 pm #

    I am one of the meat eaters trying hard to use meat as a flavor and not the bulk. I am looking for recipes that have bulk without being light, raw, liquified or pasta. I want things I can cut, things I can chew. I want vegetables I can identify in ways that I can do with little fuss and with spices that are in my cabinet. There is nothing wrong with stuffed cabbage made with kasha and rice or quinoa. There is nothing wrong with an all bean chili thickened with canned bean paste, A carrot and parsnip osso bucco (sp). 1 lb of butter lasts a full year and sometimes more. An exotic food in the market near me is pistachios. Eggplant and potatoes aggravate my arthritis. To reach me think of things that are rich, hearty, full of flavor and simple.

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