If You’re Still Storing and Heating Food in Plastic, Please Read!

There’s been quite a bit in the news lately about BPA and other dangerous chemicals and toxins that can be released from plastic containers and food packaging, especially when they’re heated. There’s an excellent article on Environmental Health News that explains how these chemicals are carcinogenic. In a nutshell, some of them interfere with the endocrine system or even mimic estrogen, which makes them especially dangerous for women who are battling or at high risk for breast cancer.

Over the weekend, I attended a retreat for women with cancer, as the companion of a dear friend who is a cancer survivor. During the retreat, one of the speakers, a nutritionist, gave us a wealth of information about the dangers of plastic food packaging and plastic food storage containers.

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I wanted to share some of my notes with you, but I also urge you to read the article from Environmental Health News.

  • If you leave a plastic water bottle in your car during the day, the heat in the car can be enough to cause toxins to leach into the water from the bottle itself. Toss any water bottles that have been in the car for more than an hour or two. If you like to keep a bottle of water with you when running errands, freeze it first to keep it cool or keep a small drink cooler in the car.
  • If you like to buy packaged frozen foods, remove them from the plastic container or tray before cooking them. Run it under hot water to loosen the food or microwave it for 30 seconds, just until you can easily slip it into a glass casserole or dish to finish cooking.
  • Plastic food storage containers can be heated sufficiently to break down when washed in the dishwasher, especially if you use a sanitizing cycle. If you want to continue using these containers to store food, hand wash them in the sink.

I know that we’re being bombarded these days with dire warnings and revelations about things we use or eat every day that can put us at increased risk for cancer, but this one is such an easy fix and the danger is so real that i really wanted to share these tips with you.

Glass storage containers can be found for very little money online or you can always pick up glass casseroles and glass refrigerator dishes at thrift shops and antique shops. They’re beautiful and much safer than plastic, plus they’ll last far longer.

If we’re going to eat a healthier diet, it makes sense to store and heat that healthy food in a safe way, right?

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  1. Jenny Sangler December 5, 2012 at 1:56 am #

    Are you still using plastic food storage containers? How do you plan to reduce the use of it? Kindly leave your comments below.

    – Jenny Sangler

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