5 Vegan Celebrities Share Their Favorite Breakfast Recipes

When you look at a typical American breakfast and then try to remove everything that conflicts with a vegan diet, it certainly seems like cereal (with non-dairy milk) and toast are about all that’s left. If you’re lucky, maybe you have ten great vegan muffin recipes to tide you over.

But on Huffington Post this week, five celebrities who happen to be vegans share not only their breakfast menus, but some of their recipes as well.

Lea Michele, from the cast of “Glee,” says that she usually has steel-cut oats with soy milk (something I love to eat, but with coconut milk for extra flavor)or a special tofu scramble that she makes with avocado and salsa. There’s even a link to the recipe, which sounds amazing, especially if you used to love juevos rancheros.

Bill Clinton, who has become such an icon for veganism, chooses to drink his vegan breakfast. The former prez has a smoothie made of almond milk, berries, non-dairy protein powder and some ice. Smoothies and shakes are a great way to get a healthy vegan or vegetarian breakfast in when you don’t have time for a sit-down meal. Just pop it in a travel mug and go.


Ellen Degeneres has devoted a section of her website to veganism and vegan recipes and the article includes a link to her oatmeal and banana pancakes, which sound completely out of this world. There are also a ton of other great vegan recipes, for breakfast as well as lunch, dinner and dessert.

Alicia Silverstone from “Clueless” has been a high-profile vegan for many years and now she’s even publishing her own vegan cookbooks. There’s a link in the article to one of her favorite breakfasts from the book, Millet porridge with Sweet Vegetables, which I’ve already copied down to make when the weather turns cooler. I think I’ll have to grab her cookbook, too, which is called The Kind Cookbook. How great a title is that?

Beautiful country singer Carrie Underwood also likes a tofu scramble for breakfast. Her version has peppers, onions and spinach scrambled in and is topped with salsa. Sounds delicious!

Having a healthy breakfast every day is extremely important, but it can be a real challenge, especially for vegans and vegetarians. One of the biggest challenges, aside from time, is making your first meal of the day flavorful and exciting, instead of routine and tired.

I hope these recipes and menus give you some great new ideas. I know they did me!

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  1. Jenny Sangler September 3, 2013 at 2:37 am #

    What is your favorite vegetarian breakfast? Don’t hesitate to share it hear. We’d love to try it as well.

    – Jenny Sangler

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