5 Great Vegetarian Soups to Make Right Now

I don’t know about you, but this is the time of year that I start making a lot of soups. It’s not just the cooler weather, but the rush of the holidays that prompts me to turn to soups for dinner at least once a week. With so much else going on, soups are not only comforting, but a valuable timesaver.

If you’re stuck in a soup rut, relying on the same old tomato or potato soup or maybe a corn chowder, then you’re missing out on all of the possibilities that soup provides. Soups are especially great for vegetarians because they’re a great way to use up those small amounts of fresh veggies in the fridge that might otherwise go bad. You can add any combination of veggies to a good stock and end up with a great soup.


But if winging it isn’t your way of cooking or if you’ve never really gotten too excited about soup, I have some great recipes for you to try. They’re perfect for the winter season; comforting, hearty and easy to make. I found them while poking around on some terrific food and cooking blogs and these recipes are a great way to introduce you to them as well.

The first blog that I enjoyed looking through was NourishedKitchen.com.

While it’s not strictly a vegetarian cooking site, it is a luscious and beautiful site devoted to reviving traditional foods and traditional ways of cooking, meaning enjoying meals made with whole foods, from scratch. There are sections of recipes devoted to vegetarian and vegan dishes, however.

The first recipe I love from NourishedKitchen, which I actually made the day after Thanksgiving, is her Carrot and Leek Soup with Toasted Mustard Seeds. It is out of this world and going into my regular rotation. Don’t be scared off by the mustard seeds – toasting them mellows and enriches them at the same time. The soup is absolutely wonderful. The other soup I want to try from NourishedKitchen.com is the Sweet Potato and Poblano Pepper Soup.

Another great site you should check out is TreeHugger.com.

They have articles on a wide range of topics, but also a wonderful recipe section, where I found some really delicious-sounding soups that are perfect for winter. I’m really anxious to try the Healthy Mushroom and White Bean Soup, which is a quick and easy recipe that’s great for those nights when you’re just in from gift shopping and ready to plop. I also want to try the Indian-Spiced Tomato Soup, which sounds like a great departure from the usual creamy tomato soups. But tomorrow night I’m making their Hearty Lentil Soup with Tomatoes, which is going to be a very nice reminder of what summer tasted like!

Try one of these great soup recipes this week and get around to trying them all. There’s nothing like a hot bowl of homemade soup on a cold evening!

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  1. Jenny Sangler December 3, 2013 at 2:57 am #

    Do you know other great vegetarian soup recipes? Kindly post them here. We’d love to try them as well.

    – Jenny Sangler

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