3 Great Reasons to Cook Vegetarian at Home

We talk an awful lot about all of the moral and ethical reasons for eating vegetarian, both here and throughout the vegetarian community. But sometimes it’s just nice to remember the joyful, delicious or more simplistic reasons to enjoy the vegetarian lifestyle and to cook vegetarian meals at home.

I was reminded of this yesterday when I discovered this wonderful post on the terrific Treehugger.com. It’s an article by Jaimy Heimbuch called “8 Joyful Reasons to Cook Vegetarian Recipes at Home” and it’s such a delightfully simple and well, joyful article that I want to share some of her reasons with you. Please do go over and read the whole article; it’s a wonderful read. But let me
share my three favorites with you:


1) Vegetarian meals are satisfying to the point that meat is superfluous.

Heimbuch admits that she fell into the habit of tossing meat dishes into the weekly mix out of desperation. We all know what hectic schedules do to meal planning and preparation, and Heimbuch says that she and her family started eating out quite a bit or roasting up a chicken for dinner because it was easy. But when she made a conscious commitment to try new vegetarian recipes, she rediscovered how satisfying (and easy) vegetarian meals could be.

By requiring myself to cook new vegetarian recipes, I rediscovered how delicious, how satisfying all-veggie meals are and that we really don’t notice the lack of meat on the plate when we skip it. So many vegetarian dishes are flavorful and hearty, completely filling and interesting to the senses.”

2) A new recipe a day keeps you excited about cooking at home.

A new recipe a day makes me look forward each morning to what I will create that day for the first time. Novelty keeps our interest, and maintaining and interest in what we’re cooking keeps us from slipping back into old habits like I did.”

3) Shopping for ingredients is an event in itself

This one really resonated with me and made me smile. I understand it well. It applies to going out to my garden to pick perfectly ripe produce I gre myself and also to spending a leisurely Saturday cruising my favorite stalls at the farmer’s market.

Shopping for ingredients has become a joy again, even in busy markets. I enjoy the challenge of selecting the perfect ingredients, based on color, shape and ripeness. I love taking the time to find the little extras like herbs for garnish or variety. I love looking for items on my list and discovering items I hadn’t heard of before.”

All of these reasons are “smaller” than saving the planet or respecting the lives of animals, but a lot of the joy and satisfaction in life is made up of lots of “small” things, don’t you think?

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  1. Jenny Sangler March 19, 2013 at 8:51 am #

    Do you have other great and simple reasons to cook vegetarian meals at home? Don’t hesitate to share them here.

    – Jenny Sangler

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